Hi there! We are an Italian couple who have traveled through Mexico regurarly over the last 8 years, searching out Real Mexican Popular Art that deserves to be known outside its borders. Our passion started with a normal journey to Chiapas, where we were extremely impressed by the refined taste and the incredible ability of the local crafts people, and by the multitude of crafts which we had never seen before: from everyday objects to precious artifacts, like dresses or masks to jewelry. The fact that only a few of these beautiful handicrafts seemed to be available outside of Mexico, especially in Europe, pushed us to embark on this adventure. Over these past years we have got to know many of the incredibly nice people responsible for making them by hand: the Best Mexico. Luckily we have also built up a nice relationship with them by now, something we are proud to admit goes far beyond a purely commercial partnership and this also pushes us to do our best for them too.

Since almost five years La Casa di Frida has been a "real" shop in Rome, via dei Falegnami 9 (you're all more than welcome to visit!) and despite the economically challenged times we are all experiencing, we have many passionate fans who support and continue encouraging us to keep going. 

                  At last we are able to take you all one step further in our Mexican adventure with                                                                            www.lacasadifrida.com.