Welcome! As you may have noticed, in the Catalog there are some categories highlighted with a green frame. These are the categories that contain the products, also highlighted in green, for which we offer the possibility of wholesale. You will not find wholesale prices because they are tied to variables that can have a different impact on the final price. Our catalog is very vast, almost all the products you see are available for retail sale but not all of them are always available, in large quantities, for wholesale. Naturally, everything can be ordered and the quantity of products requested, their volume and the speed with which they are to be received (everything comes from Mexico), have their weight in determining the final price. To get a rough idea of what could be the wholesale price in Europe, calculate more or less 33% of the retail price. For USA and Canada the prices will be cheeper couse of direct shipping from Mexico.


So this is the way to proceed:


- consult the Catalog and take note of what might interest you

- to know prices, immediate availability, necessary time and purchase methods registered as an Wholesale User (link) and write to specifying the products or categories that interest you and for which activity (store, exhibition, event, etc.) .


Thank you